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Fort Mill Yellow Jackets - 1974

Link to Historic Brattonsvile Plantation videos

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi I'm Demetrai Johnson and I'm new to Paradiseweb. This is my very first blog entry, so please bear with me.
I discovered my talent of writing during my elementary years. During that time I wrote my first children’s story, poems, and my first rap song. Throughout the years procrastination has kept me from sharing a talent which I was Blessed with.

As of July 2014 the years of procrastination ended with the publishing of my very first book. Yes that's right, I'm an author now. This has been my goal for a very long time. Now it’s a reality.

“My Spiritual Thoughts and Words of Remembrance” is consisted of Spiritual poems inspired by God, and poems written in the memory of Love ones and friends who are missed by their family & friends.

“My Spiritual Thoughts & Words of Remembrance” is available for purchase on Amazon and CreatSpace eStore.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog.
You are welcome to comment on anything that I write.

Demetrai - Sunday 11/23/14

Montrio Belton for SC Supt of Education

Django Unchained | meet the press (2013) Quentin Tarantino

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To teachers and students everywhere

Game time Pep talk

Middle School Project uses Civil War theme

This video is the product for a middle school Civil War project in March 21, 2013. The video footage was taken about a year earlier at a Civil War Re-enactment at The White Homestead in Fort Mill, SC.

The new ETV PBS LearningMedia

South Carolina ETV Offers New Digital Content to Local Schools

Enhanced PBS Content Library Aligned to SC State Standards, New User and Analytics Tools Help SC Educators Effectively Manage the Use of Digital Media in Classrooms

For Immediate Release
October 10, 2013

As the demand for technology in the classroom continues to rise, ETV announces a new PBS premium service available free for one year to all SC public, private and home schools. The new ETV PBS LearningMedia includes enhanced features and more than 800 hours of additional digital content drawn from PBS programming such as Ken Burns' CIVIL WAR, NOVA, FRONTLINE, and an array of PBS KIDS programs that further deepen educator and student engagement with digital media.

Emmy and Peabody winner South Carolina ETV, which has been teaching with technology since 1958, continues to be at the forefront of electronic educational media. “We’ve been comfortable with non-paper educational material for over half a century, and were the first South Carolina station to go digital, so the foundation has already been laid,” said Dean Byrd, head of ETV’s Education Division. “We’re pleased to offer these quality PBS resources to schools on-demand, and will add to the 5800 teachers trained this last year in our face-to-face digital media workshops.”

We have come a long way America!

Robert Smalls: From Slavery to US Congress, the life of an extraordinary South Carolinian


Robert Smalls was inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame on Feb. 9th. 2010.
Description: Scholars, an author, family descendants, and independent filmmaker join others to examine the historic life of Robert Smalls. His rise from slavery, to the US Congress, along, with excerpts from a film on his life highlight the conversation.

ETV – 01/17 @7:30pm
ETV - 01/20 @12:00pm
ETV World 01/20 @4:00pm
ETV World 01/22 @5:00pm
SCC - 01/24 @ 8:30pm

Absent Fathers’ Contribution to Juvenile Delinquency

By: Evaney Nesbitt

Juvenile delinquency can be linked to several different reasons. Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation. It’s the fuel that drives our most urgent social problems from crime to adolescent pregnancy to domestic violence against women. Fatherlessness is the leading cause of declining child well being in our society. It has been said that the presence of a strong male figure in a household can steer a juvenile down the path of positivity. On the other hand, a juvenile that grows up without a strong positive father figure in the household can also become anything he or she wants to be (President Barack Obama) if they have the will and the determination. The world is filled with productive citizens who were raised in a single female parented home. When compared with mothers, fathers continue to be dramatically, underrepresented in developmental research on psychopathology. Juvenile detention centers also house several juveniles whom have never met the father. So is there a strong link between absent fathers and juvenile delinquency? We know that children who grow up with absent fathers can suffer long lasting damages. Absent fathers can be linked to crime, delinquency, and premature sexuality. The possibility of aggressive or antisocial behavior has been linked to juveniles of incarcerated fathers. Are juveniles who grow up without a father or a father figure more susceptible to a life of crime? The core question is simple, “Do every child need a father”?

Amazing artistry

HOPE in Paradise..and the Red Door

We use the word HOPE in many ways in our everyday conversation. Anywhere from "I hope I can get through the day" to "I hope I don't get caught". But do we really understand the TRUE meaning of the word HOPE? Have you ever actually seen what HOPE looks like? Until recently, I don't believe I have actually grasped what HOPE means, nor what it looks like.
For quite some time I have been compelled to pray for our community. Lifting us up to God that He lead us to the needs of this small town that has burst with growth over the past few years. New business's, widened roads, schools popping up everywhere. People moving in from the North, Mid-west and Eastcoast. So much busyness coming from what used to be a sleepy little town.
Then there's Paradise- the oldest community in Fort Mill, and what seems to be the forgotten community from many. And many who are not even aware of it's existence.
I have been a part of a serving meals ministry for about a year now. This ministry(made up of several church's) has been serving Paradise for five years, with food and prayer mainly, but other needs as they arise. They serve another low income community on the other side of town as well. But Paradise was laid on my heart to serve, little did I know what God had planned. Through His lead I eventually gathered a group of Serving Hearts from my church to serve Paradise.


What does it take to save a student? Every year, hundreds of thousands of teenagers in the United States quit high school without diplomas -- an epidemic so out of control that nobody knows the exact number. What is clear is that massive dropout rates cripple individual career prospects and cloud the country's future. At Houston's Sharpstown High, once a notorious "dropout factory," a high-stakes experiment is under way to rescue students from the edge. FRONTLINE spent a semester immersed in Sharpstown to produce a portrait of four students in crisis and the teachers, counselors and principal waging a daily, personal struggle to get them to graduation. A troubling and inspiring journey through the maze of an inner-city high school, "Dropout Nation" investigates the causes, challenges and potential solutions of a national emergency.

Airs Wednesday, September 26, 2012
12:00am - 02:00am
04:00am - 06:00am